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J Team Cleaning Cleaning, housekeeping never a detail is lost at home. Our team will thoroughly clean every room in your home with custom clearance plan and design for your convenience.

We think of your home as if it were our own, so it is a priority that we all clean, smart and shiny as you entrust us with this task whenever you are inside your home.

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Our Residential Services


Cleaning on detail toilet, bathtub, cabinets and mirrors Wiping and brushing all walls and floors Washing, cleaning and wiping all bathroom utensils and decorations


Changing bed clothes.
Cleaning picture frames and mirrors.
Dusting and wiping all decorations.

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Cleaning inside and outside of the stove, oven microwave and toaster. Wiping outside, behind and under the refrigerator. Cleaning on detail upper and lower cabinets. Washing and brushing the floor


Dusting, wiping and cleaning pictures, mirrors, table lamps and decorations.

Dining room

Dusting and wiping all furniture with the right chemical substance.

Residential & Commercial Cleaning

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